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governmentresumes.com.au review

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governmentresumes.com.au review and discounts


Please find below a service, which might be helpful on your way of getting a resume. People need a resume to find a job and if you are one of those jobseekers, the amount of whom is growing rapidly nowadays, welcome!


Everyone would be up for something they need to do to be done by a professional. The service seems to have a team of writers who has some experience in accomplishing resumes and are ready to help for extra money. There is contact information provided in case of any questions and live chat option, which is available and was the first thing I noticed, readiness and eagerness to help before I entered the website and it loaded to the extent. There are preview samples available, which are presented in a very nicely way with a cute little background sounds. This website works for those who already have their resumes but require changes.


Services, pricing and order form are all placed into one section, which makes it rather confusing. I would prefer for these things to be separate for easier navigation. The pricing is too high, in my opinion. If to speak about prices only, Classy Resumes is better. The quality of papers is better there too. It is good for me that I can compare. For those, who are new comers in the world of online assistance, it is harder. They are more confused and the urgency and panic might do their job, make it to where a visitor will become a customer in a blink of an eye, and make an order despite all the disadvantages, which might not be seen with the naked eye.

Quality of paper

The quality of papers leaves something to be desired. Every time I asked for help, I remained unsatisfied with the eventual results. I think it is possible to find better service.

Policy of price

There are a few packages available, which are called a silver government package, a gold government package, a platinum government package, a selection criteria with a free cover letter, two-page cover letter including criteria questions but that is for existing customers only and even an interview coaching but the pricing for each is rather high.

Order details

Next to each package, you will get to see a buy now button in a dark violet color. There is an order form available for filling in. There are personal information and order details. There are product names given, product prices and quantity. Proceed to checkout in the end. It took me quite loads of time filling in the application form and it is a pity that my expectations and requirements were not met. I have always felt sorry for the wasted time because it is precious and priceless.


I enjoyed the way the website looks and sounds but the way it appeared to be is rather unsatisfactory.

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