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executiveresumerescue.com review

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A website performed in blue shades promises to help you land your next job 3-10 months faster. Well, I didn’t know if this was true or not, but what I knew for sure was I needed a serious update of my old resume. This is why I came there.  A career expert who owns this website meets you with the offer to download LinkedIn profile completion guide for free. The site is focused on providing career coaching, resume services and free articles in blog for executives.

Price Policy

As this site’s services are for top level managers, I didn’t expect low prices. Indeed, career coaching price starts at $2500 and is discussed individually. As for resume writing services, a resume costs $1250 for mid-level managers and over $2000 for senior executives. I was surprised as this was really a lot. Nevertheless, I was still in need of a quality resume that would help me get noticed, and the help of experienced writer was a kind of necessity. So, I decided to get my resume written here.

Details of order

As there was any registration form or payment links on the site, I filled in a short questionnaire on the bottom of the page and uploaded my old resume. The next day I received a phone call from the writer. We discussed my career goals and I answered the extra questions. When the writer got all necessary information, she told me that my resume would be ready in a week or sooner.

Quality of writing and support

There’s no traditional support on the site. You can get in touch by filling in the contact form or via phone. Of course, that’s not very convenient as most people work in standard business hours. The site doesn’t offer ongoing contact with the writer, like, for instance Here– after phone consultation the writer started working on my resume and I haven’t heard from him until he finished and emailed a resume to me.


The resume I got was really well-written and had bright design – too bright, I think! The writer focused on my achievements and changed the resume structure to make it more appealing. Nevertheless, after I checked some resumes of my friends, I had an impression that I overpaid – they got their resumes from cheaper service and those were not worse than mine. To sum up, a resume writer of this site does a good job, but if your budget is limited, you’d better look for more affordable service.

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